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Who we are

We specialize in Petrochemical, Instrumentation, Oil Exploration, Drilling, and Refining; provide Transportation equipment, Warehouse and Labor Logistics and Point-to-point delivery options. We have established strong links with all types of equipment manufacturers and companies dealing in Oil & Petrochemical. We also perform Onsite and offsite consulting on oil exploration, provide labor and precision engineering and offer a range of exploration initiatives for the oil, gas, petrochemical and energy industries.

Due to our constant effective networking with oil trade partners and direct first sources, we are able to meet our client demands regarding equipment pricing, upgrades and parts replacement. We also invite interest from new Oil companies for machinery, equipment and spare parts needs for challenging new projects in exploration and drilling initiatives.

What is new?

PROMPTSOURCE specializes in delivering Equipment, Spare-parts and General Materials on a routine and urgent basis to all it's clients and, is a highly responsive company in meeting the needs of various industries in Kuwait.

In the news?

PromptSource has helped thousands of customers, like you, to succeed. Companies of all sizes and across different industries and geographies have chosen PromptSource as their preferred source to receive business opportunities from the entire globe.