Our Clients

Environment & Chemical

We have wide range of environmental equipment and chemicals products. We have broad spectrum of emission control equipment for odorous and/or hazardous air emissions. They have valuable range of products to offer, some of which are listed below:.

  1. Scrubber & Emission Control Systems: able to treat air flows from 1 to 50,000 c.f.m. In many cases, 99.9% odor/VOC removal is possible using our systems. The uses for scrubber systems range from wastewater and municipal authorities to major refineries and chemical liquid storage terminals.
  1. Carbon filtration equipment:  full line of specialty carbon filtration equipment. From small, micro carbon canisters for labs to large industrial sized units
  2. Hydrocarbon Vapor Suppression and Degassing Chemicals:

Vapor Tech is a manufacturer of chemical agents that bind with solvents and hydrocarbons. Once the chemical is applied, the vapor pressure and flammability immediately begin to drop. 

  1. Odor Control for Mercaptans & Sulfur-based Products: Mercaptans are sulfur-based products with a heavy, penetrating odor. Vapor Tech manufactures a neutralizing agent for these chemicals.
  1. Industrial Strength Cleaning Chemicals: Vapor Tech manufactures industrial strength cleaning and stripping agents for many hard-to-clean substances. These products are separated into two categories: Water and Oil-based cleaning agents.

Besides an array of products mentioned above also offer consulting services in:

    • Odor Control Equipment Design and Engineering
    • Vapor Scrubber Design and Engineering
    • Spraying Systems Design and Engineering
    • Product Analysis & Testing
    • CAD Design and Engineering
    • 3-D Animated Drawings (Industrial).