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Our Clients

Products and Services

We supply petroleum exploration equipment and instrument, drilling equipment and tools, oilfield construction and installation equipment, exploration software as well as related engineering services.

We also provide knowledgeable technical personnel who have diversity in various fields of oil exploration.

We perform the following services for all companies: Logistics, Customer Service, Commercial Transport Delivery, Bulk Tank Delivery, Fleet Fueling, Renewable Fuels, Supply and Terminal, Remote Tank and Pipeline Monitoring, Safety and Compliance, Subsea operations, Technology, Installation, Repair and Maintenance.

We supply drilling rigs, service rigs, heavy trucks, heavy trailers, vacuum trucks, excavators, a range of coiled tubing, cranes, earth movers, shipping, and construction equipment. We deal with industrial standard hydraulic and lubrication systems.


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We purchase equipment and perform wholesale trade directly with leading oil manufacturers. We pride in supplying our clients:

  • steel pipes,
  • fittings,
  • flanges,
  • bonding elements,
  • valves, conforming to strict international standards (EN, API, ASTM/ANSI )

We also supply our clients with top grade:

  • cylindrical bearings,
  • spherical bearings,
  • pumping units,
  • drilling equipment,
  • high pressure on-off and regulation valves,
  • wellhead equipment,
  • vibrator hoses,
  • high pressure precision rotary drilling equipment

We help manufacturers market their own brand name products, such as:

  • Branded Gasoline
  • Distillates
  • Lubricants
  • Asphalt
  • Heavy Industrial Oils
  • Petroleum Coke
  • LPG
  • Petrochemicals
  • Specialty Chemicals
  • Synthetic Oils
  • Fuel and fuel filters
  • Motor Oils
  • Gear Oils
  • Cutting Oils
  • Kerosene
  • Sealants

We are always expanding our manufacturer’s network globally which enables us to offer competitive prices on all our goods and services. We also extend our services by providing your company onsite Engineers, IT support, Geophysicists, and professionals who can help provide you with the technical expertise needed for a range of explorative activities.

We provide a variety of specialized services to companies that require:

  • the installation and preheating of well-heads,
  • rental and operation of Internal down hole Cameras
  • Using Water Blasters,
  • Explosion Proof Pressure Washers
  • High Volume Vacuum Systems,
  • Cooling Units and Diaphragms

We also offer short and long term rentals for Pump & Equipment Sets and have in the past provided such to the Onshore & Offshore Oil and Gas Industry. Oilfield Diving Contractors and Oilfield Service companies can contact us for a wide variety of rental equipment to complete their job onshore or offshore.

For companies operating in rough and unfriendly terrain, we provide special alloy steels for: • Extremities in high and low temperatures. • Corrosive environments • Out of standard dimensions and specifications. • Reasonable time deliveries • Timely spare part replacements to meet your production deadlines.

We provide the following equipment & Spare Parts.
(This is a partial list of the items we supply)

• Complete Rig Packages (Jack ups, Semi-Submersibles, Drill ships, Deep Land Rigs, Mobile Rigs)
• Blowout Preventer and Control Systems (Cameron, Shaffer, Hydril, Koomey Etc)
• Mud Pumps & Parts (National, Oil well, Gardner-Denver, Ideco, Continental Emsco, Harrisburg, Mission Etc)
• Draw works & Parts (National, Oil well, Continental Emsco Etc)
• Hooks & Swivels & Parts (National, Oil well, Continental Emsco, Bj Varco Etc)
• Drill pipes, Drill collars, Stabilizers (Smfi, Omsco, Smith Int’l Etc)
• Handling Tools & Parts (Bj Varco, Wooley Etc)
• Rig Instrumentation & Parts (Martin Decker, Totco Etc)
• Scr Systems & Parts (Rosshill, Ge, Ips)
• Gate Valves & Parts (Cameron, Shaffer, Oteco Etc)
• Mud Agitators, Desanders, Desilters, Shale Shakers, Degassers & Parts (Brandt, Derrick, Harrisburg, Swaco, Sweco,
Burgess Etc)
• Butterfly Valves & Gate Valves & Parts (Demco, Crestex, Baker Spd Etc)
• Rig Lighting And Electrical & Parts (Rig-A-Lite, Nrl, Appleton, T & B, Allen Bradley Etc)
• Explosion Proof and TEFC Motors (Us Electric, Marathon, TOSHIBA, BALDOR)
• Kelly cocks, Kelly valves, Inside Bops & Parts (Omsco, Smfi, Smith, Global, Packard)
• Rig Safety Systems (H2s Etc), (Msa, Detcon Etc)
• Rotary Hoses, Vibratory Hoses, Choke & Kill Hoses (Taurus, Goodall, Nrp, Coflexip, Dayco Etc)
• Fishing Tools (Bowen, Gotco Etc)
• Brakes & Parts (Baylor Etc)

We make sure your company is equipped with the latest in software technology. We supply software for all departments in the Oil industry:

  • Back office
  • Data & Asset management
  • Exploration
  • Mapping / GIS & Surveying
  • Production & Well management
  • Simulation & Modeling
  • Training
  • CAD / CAM
  • Engineering
  • Geology & Seismic
  • Planning & Project management
  • Project control and optimization

Rest assured, that when you do business with us, we at PromptSource can supply all your equipment needs for effective Oil exploration both on and off shore. We’d appreciate it if you pass the word along about us to other oil companies, exporters, distributors and vendors.